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The bonds established between Wales and Brittany are plentiful and have been going for a long time. There are about 50 twinning committees in Loire-Atlantique only, which places Wales in third place of partnership with the Breton regional authorities behind Germany and Ireland. Brexit is regarded as a real challenge for these twinning committees.

In this respect, Union Democratique Bretonne welcomes the joint statement of Nantes and Cardiff made on 3rd February 2020, who have wanted to reassert their friendship and their commitment to one another.

These two cities have been twinned in 1964 but their relations, which are cultural and economical have a longer history. Nevertheless, for some years now, for Nantes as well as for other cities in Brittany, twinnings and cooperation agreements seem to concern only a few cultural exchanges and expressions of goodwill.  However, in terms of development (maritime regions and harbour cities…), culture and languages (celtic culture and languages…) or also in terms of ecological and energy transition (ocean energies), some real convergence and exchanges in experience could be relaunched.

Brexit represent a new challenge for Brittany and Wales, and for Nantes and Cardiff too.  Thus, UDB wishes to launch a real reflection to create a euro-region, a common space of cooperation between Brittany and Wales in which Nantes could be part of. UDB retells that the euro-region is a formal framework for cooperation which has been held in Europe since the fifties and that it can associate territories of the European union Member States as well as States which are not part of it (for example Switzerland). Europe currently has 90 euro-region (1). 


Pierre-Emmanuel Marais – Spokesman for UDB (Union Démocratique Bretonne)